Yes, you can really take 10 strokes off of your handicap at Howes Golf! We help golfers get better. Come discover your game with us.
Breaking 90 consistently – read the story:
"My handicap index prior to training was a 23. Now my index is 14.2......that's an improvement of almost 10 in my hncp!  In fact, as of this testimonial, my last 14 rounds have all been in the mid 80's consistently.
Here’s what happened -
I started out working with Michael Howes in a putting course to learn how to read greens, which was very beneficial in determining slopes and trusting your putting stroke. Michael helped me develop my "green reads", "feel", and "routine".
Nothing like learning to get the ball in the hole, right? Next step was developing confidence in my “swing”.
We then moved on to a six week “Swing Coaching Program”. Michael coached me on the fundamentals like adjusting grip, aim, and stance.
All of these proper alignments actually do improve your game! Then the hard part came:
·         Learning how to swing a club more efficiently
·         Adding Club head speed
·         Balance and Finish (weight shift)
Neat “tech fact” - Michael, with the use of his FlightScope launch monitor computer, moved my swing path from 6* out to in to 2* in to out.
Why is that important and how did that help? He took away my amateur slice with one simple club direction change.  WOW!!
Then he dug in his bag of tricks and gave me a “Swish Stick” which increased my club head speed at exactly the right time, at IMPACT.
Why is this important? This increased the distance I hit all of my clubs!
If you are struggling with your game or just want to fix some inconsistencies, I highly suggest working with Howes Golf.
I promise that you will find this complicated game of golf more enjoyable."

  • "Dear Mr. Howes. Thanks for your input on the internet, particularly your article on lag.  I used to live in Santa Cruz, California, in the 80's, was something of a golf nut, and one day with friends traveled down to Carmel and attended a clinic conducted by Ben Doyle in which he talked about Sustain the Lag, but I never did get what he was saying.  It seemed way over my head.  Many, many years later I read your article and finally got it.  Thanks again for the article, you are very much appreciated! 


  • “My son has been working with Michael for almost 5 years now and in that time, I have seen unbelievable improvement in all aspects of his golf game. Michael’s easy approach and calm demeanor, not to mention his targeted teaching techniques, have been invaluable when working with my son. For me as a parent of a Jr golfer I appreciate the time and effort that Michael puts in with his students, not only with their golf game but with their personal life as well.”
  • “I am serious about my golf and my desire to improve, and I am clear about what I want in an instructor.  If I am to spend my hard-earned money and time pursuing the goal of becoming better, I want an instructor who is reliable, who wants me to get better as much as I want to get better, who is knowledgeable, and who has an ability to tailor his message to my style of learning and stage of progress.  Michael excels in these categories and more.  I really enjoy our work together and most importantly, under his guidance, we are seeing real progress and improvement.”  
  • "Michael has not only provided me with an instructional program that has resulted in continued progress but also a clear understanding of the fundamentals of the golf swing. If it weren't for his instruction and guidance over the past 3 years, I would have given up my pursuit to become a better golfer."
  • “The focused practice on all parts of the game has been a tremendous benefit to Brady and Andrew. They know what areas of their game need improvement to score better and Michael provides the blueprint on how to get there. I’ve been very happy with how Michael continues to go above and beyond to help them get better.”
  • “Michael Howes is the golf doctor for me. He can always get me on the right track whether I am having trouble with my swing, aliment, or ball striking. Michael has the knowledge and the tools to bring me to the next level. Can not thank him enough.”
  • “I always see improvements with each golf lesson I have taken with Michael Howes. He is one of the best at what he does. His teaching and explanations are very helpful and easy to understand. No other golf instructor has help me with my game as much as he has.”
  • “I have played my best golf ever since I have been taking lessons from Michael Howes. Can not say enough positive things because he is just a rock star at teaching ways to improve. He has helped me with each part of my game and continues to push me to the next level.”
  • "Parker is once again excited about playing, the coaching group has been very productive and he is learning so much more then just swing mechanics. This program has really helped him mature as a golfer."
  • “After working with Mike, I can truly say I understand the golf swing. Absolutely the best teacher I have ever worked with.”
  • "Having Mike as a golf coach has really made the game fun again. I'm hitting shots that I couldn't have pulled off without his help."
  • “The technology Mike uses combined with his knowledge of the golf swing is an unbeatable combination.”
  • “Michael Howes brings his golfing experience and knowledge to work with Jr golfers. He builds their confidence and skill by providing individual attention and constructive criticism. He is very patient with the students, while making practice fun and something they look forward to.”